So, how do I setup a secure connection?

To setup a secure connection with another TightBeam users, you both must be in the same location, with the iOS devices you want to use to communicate. Both users select “Add Contact” and enter a contact name. One user shares a QR code. The other user will scan the code with the camera on their device. TightBeam will use the information encoded in the QR code to create a secure connection between the two devices.What this means is that on one device you will see a QR Code (those square bar codes) and other device will show a preview of the camera. Point your camera at the QR Code, after a few different bar codes are scanned you will be connected!

Who is TightBeam for?

TightBeam is designed to be used by anyone who needs to know their communication with another individial are secure. This includes law enforcement, public officials, security agencies, corporate executives, and the privacy minded.

What does TightBeam cost?

TightBeam is free! 

My company wants to buy this through B2B, Can we do that?

TightBeam is also available for sale directly to companies looking to use the application internally. We are happy to customize the application and make it available through Apples B2B program. Please contact sales@tightbeamapp.com for more information.

Is TightBeam ad supported? Why?

Yes, TightBeam uses iAd to generate income and keep the servers running. Ads can be annoying, but we think it is important that secure texting be available to as many people as possible.
TightBeam is ad supported because it looked the only way to make some money on this app in an anonymous way. Other revenue models, such as subscriptions required us to capture too much information about our users. We want our user to be anonymous, ad based revenue model is the only way to insure that.

Why the name “TightBeam”?

TightBeam takes it’s name from a type of communication using lasers. The idea in that case is that no one can listen in, just like with TightBeam Communicator.